by Warren St. John, Inn President

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The Inn

The Eldon B. Mahon Inn of Court was founded in 1993 in Fort Worth as the 184th American Inn of Court in the United States. The Inn adopted the name Eldon B. Mahon American Inn of Court, in 1995, in recognition of Judge Mahon's efforts to found the Inn and his long-standing efforts to promote the principles of professionalism in the practice of law. Throughout his career in public and private life, Judge Mahon has demonstrated a commitment to the principles which are the cornerstone of the Inns of Court movement.


Governance of the Eldon B. Mahon American Inn of Court is entrusted to the officers. The officers include: President, Counselor, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Chairman and Membership Chairman. The President and Counselor must be masters and at least one of them is usually a judge or former judge.The Membership Committee also nominates the Inn's officers and at-large Executive Committee members. Officers serve for a one-year term and are eligible to serve successive terms. A list of the officers is included on this website and members are encouraged to contact any of the officers if they have questions or comments concerning the Inn.


All active members are expected to attend and to participate actively in the Inn's meetings. Two absences, whatever the cause, during a program year will be deemed to be a resignation from the Inn. Should a member who has been deemed to have resigned because of two absences nevertheless desire to remain a member of the Inn, he or she should petition the President for election to the vacancy, showing good cause therefore.


The Inn's programs are primarily for the members' benefit. However, members may invite guests from time to time. Members who wish to invite guests must inform Kayla Dailey at (817) 338-4092 in advance of the meeting of their guests' names. They must also agree to be responsible for the cost of the guests' meals. Members may pay for their guests prior to the meeting or may request to be billed.


The Inn has been certified as a CLE provider by the State Bar of Texas. The number of credits available for participating in the presentation of a program depends upon the written materials' compliance with Texas Requirements. Members and guests desiring to obtain CLE credit must complete an attendance form at the conclusion of each program.

Beginning in August, the Inn will hold seven meetings on the second Tuesday of every month except December and March. Unless specified otherwise, the meetings will be held each month at the Fort Worth Club. This year, the Joint Meeting will be held with the several Dallas Inns at a place and date to be announced later. Each meeting begins with a reception from 5:30 to 6:00 p.m. Dinner follows the reception and meetings end at approximately 8:00 p.m.

The Inn's programs are the heart of the monthly meetings. They involve practical legal skills with an emphasis on ethics, civility and professionalism in lawyering. They generally involve a demonstration or presentation of principles, skills, techniques and relationships involved in trial and appellate court proceedings and in activities preliminary to courtroom appearances. The programs also incorporate opportunities for critique and discussion.


The Inn embraces and encourages diversity and inclusiveness.

More than just an organization, the Eldon B. Mahon Inn of Court is the embodiment of an ideal. We are dedicated to upholding the standards of the legal profession, to practicing law with dignity and respect, and to encouraging respect for our system of justice. Achieving a higher level of excellence and developing a deeper sense of professionalism occur only with an abiding commitment to the goals of diversity and inclusiveness.

The Eldon B. Mahon Inn of Court firmly believes that personal diversity in all its aspects is essential to our ability to accomplish our mission. Diversity embodies all those differences that make us unique individuals and includes people of different race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, gender, religion, age, personal style, appearance, physical ability, as well as people of diverse opinions, perspectives, lifestyles, ideas and thinking. We value the differences in views and perspectives and the varied experiences that are part of a diverse membership. Diversity enriches and broadens our membership, which in turn leads to more creative and meaningful programs.

For the same reasons, the Eldon B. Mahon Inn of Court values professional diversity. Legal professionals and law school faculty, administrators and students from all disciplines, from all practice types, from both the public and private sectors, from all economic strata, and from the least experienced to the most seasoned are vital to maximizing the Inn experience. Only by drawing and retaining a diverse membership will we guarantee the success of our unique organization as well as our respective professional pursuits. Therefore, the Eldon B. Mahon Inn of Court is committed to creating and maintaining a culture that promotes and supports diversity not only throughout our organization, but in our profession as well. (Adopted as Policy by the Eldon B. Mahon Inn of Court Executive Committee on November 12, 2013.)