Welcome to the Eldon B. Mahon Inn of Court
by Judge Brent Carr, Inn President

Congratulations to Justice Lee Gabriel, the Mahon Inn of Court's 2019 Inductee into the Serjeant's Inn.  


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Serjeant's Inn

Mr. James Barlow* 
*Deceased Term Expires: 1999-2000
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: 
Email: jbarlow@bgsfirm.com

Mr. Dabney Bassel  817-989-6485
Law Office of Dabney Bassel Term Expires: 2011-2012
500 Main Street, Suite 350
Fort Worth Texas 76102
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Appellate
Email: dbassel@dabneybassel.com

Judge Charles Bleil  817-821-0887
Term Expires: 2004-2005
5012 Birch Hollow Lane
Fort Worth TX 76132
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Arbitrator, Property Appraisal Dispute Umpire, Federal Court Master, Visiting State Appellate and Trial Court Judge
Email: charlesbleil@gmail.com

Retired Judge Jean Boyd 
Term Expires: 2008-2009
Fort Worth TX 
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: State Juvenile Court Judge
Email: sdjb323@icloud.com
Website: www.tarrantcounty.com/eD323/site/default.asp

 John Allen Chalk  817-878-0575
Whitaker Chalk Swindle & Schwartz PLLC Term Expires: 2013-2014
301 Commerce Street, Suite 3500
Fort Worth Texas 76102
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Commercial Transactions, Commercial Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation
Email: jchalk@whitakerchalk.com
Website: www.whitakerchalk.com

 Beale Dean 
Term Expires: 
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: 
Email: bdean@browndean.com

Mr. Tim Evans  817-332-3822
Evans, Daniel, Moore & Evans Term Expires: 
115 W. Second Street, Suite 202
Fort Worth Texas 76102
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Criminal Defense, State and Federal
Email: timevans@egdmlaw.com

 Terry Gardner  817-336-5601
Gardner Aldrich L.L.P Term Expires: 
777 Taylor Street, Suite 1130
Fort Worth TX 76102
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Civil Litigation
Email: tgardner@gardneraldrich.com
Website: gardneraldrich.com

 Paul George 
Term Expires: 
Standing: [Select] Practice Area: 
Email: pgeorge@law.tamu.edu

Mr. Steven Hayes  817-371-8759
Law Office of Steven K. Hayes Term Expires: 2009-2010
500 Main Street, Suite 340
Fort Worth TX 76102
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Appellate
Email: shayes@stevehayeslaw.com
Website: www.stevehayeslaw.com

Mr. Roland Johnson  817-870-8765
Harris, Finley & Bogle, P.C. Term Expires: 2007-2008
777 Main Street, Suite 1800
Fort Worth Texas 76102
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Litigation, Arbitration
Email: rolandjohnson@hfblaw.com
Website: www.hfblaw.com

Mr. Steven Laird  817-531-3000
Law Offices of Steven C. Laird, P.C. Term Expires: 2002-2003
1824 8th Ave.
Fort Worth TX 76110
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Personal Injury, Wrongful Death
Email: laird@texlawyers.com
Website: www.texlawyers.com

Mr. Michael McConnell  817-878-3569
Term Expires: 1997-1998
201 Main Street, Suite 2500
Fort Worth Texas 76102
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Business Reorganization, Bankruptcy
Email: michael.mcconnell@khh.com

Mr. David Seidler  817-349-3409
Lacy Lyster Malone Steppick, PLLC Term Expires: 2003-2004
303 Main Street, Second Floor
Fort Worth TX 76102
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation
Email: dseidler@lacylyster.com

Chief Justice Bonnie Sudderth  817-884-1900
Second Court of Appeals Term Expires: 2010-2011
401 W. Belknap, Ninth Floor
Fort Worth Texas 76196
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: State Appellate Court Justice
Email: bonnie.sudderth@txcourts.gov
Website: www.judgebonnie.com

Justice Sue Walker  817-884-1900
Second Court of Appeals Term Expires: 2006-2007
401 W. Belknap, 9th Floor
Fort Worth Texas 76196
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: State Appellate Court Justice
Email: Sue.Walker@txcourts.gov