Welcome to the Eldon B. Mahon Inn of Court
by Heather King, Inn President

Welcome to the new members of the Inn!


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Serjeant's Inn

Mr. James Barlow* 
*Deceased Term Expires: 1999-2000
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: 
Email: jbarlow@bgsfirm.com

Mr. Dabney Bassel  817-989-6485
Law Office of Dabney Bassel Term Expires: 2011-2012
500 Main Street, Suite 350
Fort Worth Texas 76102
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Appellate
Email: dbassel@dabneybassel.com

Judge Charles Bleil  817-821-0887
Term Expires: 2004-2005
5012 Birch Hollow Lane
Fort Worth TX 76132
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Arbitrator, Property Appraisal Dispute Umpire, Federal Court Master, Visiting State Appellate and Trial Court Judge
Email: charlesbleil@gmail.com

Retired Judge Jean Boyd 
Term Expires: 2008-2009
Fort Worth TX 
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: State Juvenile Court Judge
Email: sdjb323@icloud.com
Website: www.tarrantcounty.com/eD323/site/default.asp

 John Allen Chalk  817-878-0575
Whitaker Chalk Swindle & Schwartz PLLC Term Expires: 2013-2014
301 Commerce Street, Suite 3500
Fort Worth Texas 76102
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Commercial Transactions, Commercial Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation
Email: jchalk@whitakerchalk.com
Website: www.whitakerchalk.com

 Beale Dean 
Term Expires: 
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: 
Email: bdean@browndean.com

Mr. Tim Evans  817-332-3822
Evans, Daniel, Moore & Evans Term Expires: 
115 W. Second Street, Suite 202
Fort Worth Texas 76102
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Criminal Defense, State and Federal
Email: timevans@egdmlaw.com

 Terry Gardner  817-336-5601
Gardner Aldrich L.L.P Term Expires: 
777 Taylor Street, Suite 1130
Fort Worth TX 76102
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Civil Litigation
Email: tgardner@gardneraldrich.com
Website: gardneraldrich.com

 Paul George 
Term Expires: 
Standing: [Select] Practice Area: 
Email: pgeorge@law.tamu.edu

Mr. Steven Hayes  817-371-8759
Law Office of Steven K. Hayes Term Expires: 2009-2010
500 Main Street, Suite 340
Fort Worth TX 76102
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Appellate
Email: shayes@stevehayeslaw.com
Website: www.stevehayeslaw.com

Mr. Roland Johnson  817-870-8765
Harris, Finley & Bogle, P.C. Term Expires: 2007-2008
777 Main Street, Suite 1800
Fort Worth Texas 76102
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Litigation, Arbitration
Email: rolandjohnson@hfblaw.com
Website: www.hfblaw.com

Mr. Steven Laird  817-531-3000
Law Offices of Steven C. Laird, P.C. Term Expires: 2002-2003
1824 8th Ave.
Fort Worth TX 76110
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Personal Injury, Wrongful Death
Email: laird@texlawyers.com
Website: www.texlawyers.com

Mr. Michael McConnell  817-878-3569
Term Expires: 1997-1998
201 Main Street, Suite 2500
Fort Worth Texas 76102
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Business Reorganization, Bankruptcy
Email: michael.mcconnell@khh.com

Mr. David Seidler  817-349-3409
Lacy Lyster Malone Steppick, PLLC Term Expires: 2003-2004
303 Main Street, Second Floor
Fort Worth TX 76102
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation
Email: dseidler@lacylyster.com

Chief Justice Bonnie Sudderth  817-884-1900
Second Court of Appeals Term Expires: 2010-2011
401 W. Belknap, Ninth Floor
Fort Worth Texas 76196
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: State Appellate Court Justice
Email: bonnie.sudderth@txcourts.gov
Website: www.judgebonnie.com

Justice Sue Walker  817-884-1900
Second Court of Appeals Term Expires: 2006-2007
401 W. Belknap, 9th Floor
Fort Worth Texas 76196
Standing: Emeritus Practice Area: State Appellate Court Justice
Email: Sue.Walker@txcourts.gov